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Tim Foust

 Senior Pastor

Pastor Tim Foust started in ministry February 1994 as Sunday school teacher and Youth Director at Church of God in St. Augustine. In 1996, being led of the Holy Spirit went to non-denominational church in St. Augustine! In summer, 1996, he became adult Sunday school teacher, and in fall, 1997 became an elder. In 1999, God called Tim to become the Youth Pastor, and in September, 2000, became the Ministry Manager/Youth Pastor. In July 2003, Tim left the duties of Ministry manager and Youth Pastor to become Associate Pastor!

In May of 2009 being led of God to start Lifetime Ministry as he felt a burden for the lost and time of the Lord's return coming soon!
Yahweh really begin to challenge Pastor Tim to search the scriptures and confirm all his doctrine and beliefs with Yahweh's word and be willing to let go of men's tradition and men's doctrine and to obey His commands. Then in August 27th 2011 we changed our Sunday morning service to Saturday morning to keep the Sabbath Holy. (for more info on Sabbath see our (What We Belive section). As we continue to study the word it begin to be revealed to us that the old and new testament of the Bible are in perfect harmony without one contradiction so as we study we are changing our belief to line up with Yahweh's word instead of man's traditions and commands.

We begin to study scriptures from the proper prospective coming from a Hebraic background as the scriptures written by men who have a Hebrew background and customs. This begin to reveal more of Yahweh's word and greater understanding. This why we call God -by his name-Yahweh as God is only a title and in the Hebrew is Elohim. This is why refer to the Son of Yahweh as Y'shua as that is what He was called as He was a Hebrew! 

Pastor Tim is an anointed teacher, preacher and is an excellent drummer & bass player. Married to Mary Foust -they have 6 children all away from home now.