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Yearly Feast Schedule
Last updated on February 8, 2020

To download and print Schedule click here

Spring Feast 2020

April 8th Wednesday Passover Sedar/meal 7pm Feast of Unleavened Bread April 9th -15th
Sunset 7:55 pm starts Holy day till sunset April 9th (Thursday) it is the holy day - no work! We eat no leaven this week and we eat unleavened bread every day for the week!! Sunday April 12th First Fruit Service at 2 PM This is day our Lord raised from the dead -Feast of Unleavened Bread Goes to April 15th Wednesday a Sabbath holy day no work (starts Tuesday at sunset) Service will be 12pm Wednesday.  
MAY 31st Pentecost/Shavuot Sunday 2PM service
Starts Sunset Saturday ends Sunday at Sunset

Fall Feast schedule for 2020

Sept 19/20th Saturday/Sunday Feast of Trumpets Sunset Saturday at 7:13 PM starts the Sabbath -sunset 7:12 on Sunday ends Sabbath-Service will be 7pm on Saturday (Holy Day Sabbath) back to back sabbath's
Sept 28th Monday Day of atonement (Yom Kippur) starts sunset7:02 pm Sept 27th Sunday- 
We are to afflict are souls which means we fast that day and make a day of outting down flesh and lifting up YHWH!!  We will come together at 6:00 pm for prayer and fasting sunset is 7:01 will break our fast together with a meal on Monday.
FOT/Sukkot Oct 3rd-10th Saturday (Sabbath starts sunset Friday 6:57pm) the two high holy day are on the weekly sabbathsOct 10th last great day

Rosh Chodesh (New Month) (begins at sunset)-We will start Celebration at 7pm each month for this Hebrew Year on Gregorian calendar
Feb 25th Tuesday 2020 (Adar 1 5779),

NEW HEBREW YEAR BEGINS 5780 (Service at 7pm each month)
March 25th Wednesday, 2020 (Nisan 1, New Year 5780)
April 23rd Thursday, 2020 (Iyyar 1) 
May 23rd Saturday, 2020 (Sivan 1) 
June 21st Sunday, 2020 (Tammuz 1) 

July 21st Tueday, 2020 (Av 1) 
August 19th Wednesday, 2020 (Elul 1) 
September 18th Friday, 2020 (Feast of Trumpets) (Tishri 1) 
October 17th Saturday, 2020 (Heshvan 1) 
November 16th Monday, 2020 (Kislev 1) 

December 15th Tuesday, 2020 (Tevet 1)
Jan 13th Wednesday, 2021 (Shevat 1) 
Feb 11th Thursday 2021 (Adar 1)

Here is link to calendar we use for the holidays and Rosh Chodesh we celebrate