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Yearly Feast Schedule

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Spring Feast

April 19th Friday Passover Sedar/meal 7pm
Sunset 7:55 pm starts Holy day till sunset April 20th (Saturday) it is the holy day and weekly Sabbath - no work! We eat no leaven this week and we eat unleavened bread every day for the week!! Goes to April 26th Friday a Sabbath holy day no work (starts Thursday at sunset)
Service will be 12pm Friday –we have back to back Sabbath services- the Holy day starting Thursday night till Friday night then the weekly Sabbath 
JUNE 9th Pentecost/Shavuot Sunday 12PM service
Starts Sunset Saturday ends Sunday at Sunset
So we have back to back Sabbaths the whole week end is a Sabbath!!
Fall Feast schedule for 2019

Sept 30th Monday Feast of Trumpets Sunset Sunday at 7:13 PM starts the Sabbath -sunset 7:12 on Monday ends Sabbath-Service will be 12pm on Monday (Holy Day Sabbath)
Oct 9th Wed Day of atonement (Yom Kippur) starts sunset7:02 pm Oct 8th Tuesday- 
We are to afflict are souls which means we fast that day!!  We will come together at 6:00 pm for prayer and fasting sunset is 7:01 will break our fast together with a meal on wed.
FOT/Sukkot Oct 14th-20th Thursday (Sabbath starts sunset Sunday 6:57pm) the two high holy day starts Sunday evening end on Monday eveningOct 21st last great day