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Speakers & Schedule 2017

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Schedule is subject to change and is not fully complete, as we are still working on it. (Last update on 08/28/2017) Please check back for updates!

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Speakers for 2017

  Oxana Eliahu

I am a Jewish Messianic believer. I was born in communistic Russia and did not believe that God even exists. My lifestyle was very un-godly. I hated to be a Jew and never wanted to go to Israel. When I was in my 20's, I left Russia wanting to go to America, the country of success and happiness. I had my own plan, but Adonai had a better one, even though at that time, I was very angry and upset because my life was so tough and was not going according to my plan, my ideas and my desires.... I was stuck in Italy as a refugee without any hope, without any citizenship of any country in the world!!!
After Italy, I lived in Canada and then twenty years in Israel, where after fighting and hesitating about Yeshua for more than six years, I finally accepted Him after I realized that He is the only way, the Light of the World and He is my Lord and my precious Savior. 
I truly was provoked to jealousy by Gentile believers  (as it's written in Romans 11).
God brought me from being an atheist in communistic Russia, and being hateful to my own Jewishness and my country Israel, to completely surrendering to Him and His will, and this was a wonderful journey with wonders and miracles! Now, I want to share my testimony and the music God has given me.

   Cole Davis                    
Cole Davis is the founder of "On That Day Ministries" Cole says, "Until we accept who we are and grow closer to the Heavenly Father through the sacrifice of His son, Yeshua, we will continue to struggle with our purpose, our flesh, and the demonic forces in this world. We must begin by leaving behind the idols of pain, lies, and curses that we have been handed by shining the light of His presence deep within ourselves. We must find the places of pain and hurt that we never allowed to heal because those places have become strongholds from which the adversary, Satan dominates our hearts and minds."

In a dark period in his life, he began practicing the occult until he was delivered himself.  Cole now teaches about deliverance and demonic forces. Cole's ministry offers deliverance to the lost and the imprisoned, but He also teach the people of Israel to be the lions they are called to be in Micah 5:8. "We are the powerful ones and we are the ones the adversary fears. We have been given the authority to tread on snakes and scorpions and can live a powerful testimony of who Yeshua HaMashiach is." 

 Reginald Daniels 

Reggie is an awesome Torah Teacher! He loves the hebrew language
and reveals some very interesting points that YWVH shows us in and through hebrew words and language. He is very good at using the Paleo-Hebrew Alphabet and giving the root meaning of words to paint pictures which the Creator gave us many years ago.


"Mishkanim" are a husband and wife duo, known for their high energy worship songs using eclectic styles and "worldbeat" genres. They have traveled the world, recording, teaching, and performing music in a variety of styles and in every type of venue. Through their inspiring and praise-filled music, Aline and Howie declare their devotion to The Almighty and encourage everyone who hears, to share in the joy that a relationship with Yeshua brings.

Tony Russell

Tony has been walking Torah since 2008 and is very instrumental in discipling and edifying others in the way of Messiah, and being Torah observant. Tony became an elder of Lifetime Ministry on March 5th 2016. He is a valuable part of the ministry. He is involved in the praise & worship team along with his wife Bertie. Bertie also gives a small teaching each week on the hebrew alphabet (Aleph-Bet).

Bertie Russell

Bertie has a passion for praise & worship and the hebrew language. She is married to elder, Tony Russell and is a very important part of Lifetime Ministry. Together, she and Tony lead the congregation in praise and worship. Her teachings of the hebrew language are fun and interesting, as she utilizes the "PARDES" ( Peshat, Remez, Derash, Sod)concept during her teachings. She is also gifted in encouraging others and in mentoring the younger women on how to live lives that are pleasing to YHVH.

Pastor Tim Foust
In May of 2009, God led Tim to start Lifetime Ministry, as he felt a burden for the lost and the time of the Lord's return which he feels is coming soon! Yahweh begin to challenge Pastor Tim to search the scriptures and confirm all his doctrinal beliefs to the Truth of Yahweh's Word. In addition....to also be willing to let go of the doctrines and traditions of men and to obey HIS commandments. On August 27th 2011,  he changed the Sunday morning service to Saturday, in observance of the one and only true Sabbath and to keep the Sabbath Holy as instructed by Yahweh. As he continued to study, YAH began to reveal that the "old and new testaments" of the bible are in perfect harmony without one contradiction. So, as he studied the Word, he changed his doctrinal beliefs to align with Yahweh's Word instead of man's traditions and commands.

He began to study scripture from the proper, hebraic perspective from which it was derived; written by men who have a hebraic background and observe hebraic customs. His in depth research began to reveal more Truth of Yahweh's Word and gave him a greater understanding of scripture. Pastor Tim is an anointed teacher and preacher, and is also an excellent drummer, bass and guitar player. Married to Mary Foust,with 6 adult children and 9 grandchildren.

Mary Foust
Mary Foust has a gift of training & equipping young people and adults to be a vital part of what God is doing in today's world. In September of 1998 Mary married Pastor Tim Foust. As a well grounded, rooted Christian she immediately began to serve as a children's teacher, and directed the van ministry. Mary became a Children's Pastor in 2000, until Nov 15th 2009 when she left with her husband Pastor Tim Foust to start Lifetime Ministry. Pastor Mary has a heart for families and their children.

  Eric Botley

Eric is a former pastor, dynamic teacher and seminary graduate with a vast vocabulary. In 2011 God began to deal with him about the Sabbath and His Feast days. A shift in his beliefs and lifestyle occurred as a result of the deeper truths that were revealed as he passionately delved into the word of YHVH.

The Wright Family
After being introduced to Israeli Dancing at Kol Simcha Messianic Synagogue in Gainesville, the Wright family has been learning, dancing, performing and teaching dance at congregations, camps, workshops, and conferences. The Wrights have performed with Unit E, an Israeli dance group at Promise Keepers and the MJAA Messianic Conference.

Ken Durling

Israeli Defense Course (Krav Maga) you will learn to defend yourself from
* Common chokes, grabs and bearhugs
* Guns, knives and sticks
* Rape prevention techniques and tactics
* Street fights, mulitiple attackers and much more.

Jeff Nolan

Concealed Weapons Carry Class

Jeff Nolan is a  retired 27 year Jacksonville SO and  PD SWAT team officer, who has been in 5 shootings (including trading shotgun rounds at 20 ft). Soooo yeah, you tend to "listen" a little more intently! Our Concealed Weapons License (CWL) class is 3-5 hours long and will satisfy the Florida Statute 790.06  requirements for the Certificate of Training (proof of proficiency) for you to apply for your CWL. Jeff is a NRA certified instructor and will cover important topics including an overview of the Florida gun laws, firearms safety, situational awareness, and criminal thinking. This class also includes the “live fire round” that is required by the State of Florida to “proof proficiency with a firearm” by “observed safe handling and discharge of a firearm”.

No previous experience required. We teach any/all levels of abilities. We provide everything you need to complete this class including free mail in application packet, website and phone information for application by appointment. No need to bring any firearms or ammunition. Age requirements are limited by the law to persons 18 years and older. There is a $50 fee per/person if you are interested. Jeff will also be supervising and instructing target shooting for those who are interested. May be free of charge or possibly a small, minimal fee to cover costs of tools and ammunition, unless you bring your own. Will confirm and update soon.